Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

  Black, white, yellow, blue, pink, orange, red, green, Small, large, medium, short, tall, A color wheel of ethnicities and values, which our society has immaculately broken into sets, with ridged hard walls, We treat these sets like little china dolls, displaying them behind shiny glass, never to be meddled with, The sets are off … Continue reading Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence

Who were we before? Before we became us, Before they called us, By our names.   We were their children, Pam’s daughter, John’s son, Our parents' kids, They defined us for who we are, They shaped who we have become, Their small characteristics and teachings, Slowly accumulate, Piles and piles after piles, And become a … Continue reading Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence