Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence

Who were we before? Before we became us, Before they called us, By our names.   We were their children, Pam’s daughter, John’s son, Our parents' kids, They defined us for who we are, They shaped who we have become, Their small characteristics and teachings, Slowly accumulate, Piles and piles after piles, And become a … Continue reading Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence

Math+Life #14: Infinity=0

Sometimes we forget how small we are, Sometimes we forget how big the universe is, Sometimes we forget how long forever is, Sometimes we forget how far it is, Sometimes we just forget, We forget where the stars end, We forget that Earth is small, We forget that infinity exists, Cause it’s just a word, … Continue reading Math+Life #14: Infinity=0

Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Reach for the stars, They say, I don’t know how far the stars are, You don’t know where the stars stop, Where do I stop, Why can’t everything just be accurate, Once in for all?   The world doesn’t make sense. Love is not an equation, Friendship is not a formula, Success cannot be calculated, … Continue reading Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise