Math+Life #28: Every Turn you Take

A to advance, X to move right, B to go back, Y to move up, These are the buttons on a video game console, or the decisions that will determine our future in life. Life is a video game for the universe, Strangled black wires connect the mechanics of an arcade, just like our millions … Continue reading Math+Life #28: Every Turn you Take

Math+Life #21: Life’s Order of Operations

( )  ( )  ( )  They keep you safe, Envelope you with comfort, Give you a home, Enhance your childhood, Always always there, Stuck forever, some say, Make you who you are, Push you off the ground, Or never let you fly, Keep them close, With them, You will always belong.   ^ ^ … Continue reading Math+Life #21: Life’s Order of Operations

Math+Life #14: Infinity=0

Sometimes we forget how small we are, Sometimes we forget how big the universe is, Sometimes we forget how long forever is, Sometimes we forget how far it is, Sometimes we just forget, We forget where the stars end, We forget that Earth is small, We forget that infinity exists, Cause it’s just a word, … Continue reading Math+Life #14: Infinity=0