Math+Life #27: An Unprovable Truth

If you chase the line of logic, will it ever come to an end? Some may say of course: everything can be proven using science,  Rationality can nail all the loose ends and assumptions in life, Let’s just use what we know, the knowledge in our circle, and we have to eventually figure it out. … Continue reading Math+Life #27: An Unprovable Truth

Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

  Black, white, yellow, blue, pink, orange, red, green, Small, large, medium, short, tall, A color wheel of ethnicities and values, which our society has immaculately broken into sets, with ridged hard walls, We treat these sets like little china dolls, displaying them behind shiny glass, never to be meddled with, The sets are off … Continue reading Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line

Move forward, Don’t look back, Forget your past, It doesn’t matter, Move on, Move to the next one, Move forward, Never ever look back again, They whisper.   I keep my feet glued to the ground, Resisting myself from looking back, Move forward they always say, Forget the tiny details from before, they say, They … Continue reading Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line