Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Reach for the stars, They say, I don’t know how far the stars are, You don’t know where the stars stop, Where do I stop, Why can’t everything just be accurate, Once in for all?   The world doesn’t make sense. Love is not an equation, Friendship is not a formula, Success cannot be calculated, … Continue reading Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line

Move forward, Don’t look back, Forget your past, It doesn’t matter, Move on, Move to the next one, Move forward, Never ever look back again, They whisper.   I keep my feet glued to the ground, Resisting myself from looking back, Move forward they always say, Forget the tiny details from before, they say, They … Continue reading Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line

Math+Life #5: Venn Gray Is A Miracle

Black is for black, And white is for white, But gray is for miracles, It’s your choice.   Do you want to pick crayons, And separate them? As two different circles, Two different hearts, Two different worlds.   Or would you like to pick the watercolors? Where water is all you need, To combine both … Continue reading Math+Life #5: Venn Gray Is A Miracle