Math+Life #27: An Unprovable Truth

If you chase the line of logic, will it ever come to an end? Some may say of course: everything can be proven using science,  Rationality can nail all the loose ends and assumptions in life, Let’s just use what we know, the knowledge in our circle, and we have to eventually figure it out. … Continue reading Math+Life #27: An Unprovable Truth

Math+Life #26: Beam Balance of Identity

We all have a thin line of identity, A function that strikes through the graph of life, For some it may be constant y = x, For some it may be a rollercoaster y = x^2, And for some it may not even be a defined function.   Nevertheless, the line of identity defines the … Continue reading Math+Life #26: Beam Balance of Identity

Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

  Black, white, yellow, blue, pink, orange, red, green, Small, large, medium, short, tall, A color wheel of ethnicities and values, which our society has immaculately broken into sets, with ridged hard walls, We treat these sets like little china dolls, displaying them behind shiny glass, never to be meddled with, The sets are off … Continue reading Math+Life #25: Set in Stone?

Math+Life #24: The Quadrants of Life

Note: Read from quadrant one to quadrant four counterclockwise (start from the top right and go counterclockwise to the right bottom).   ******************* Math connect:   On a graph, when a circle is divided by two perpendicular lines, it is divided into four sections or quadrants. Quadrant one is in the top right, where both … Continue reading Math+Life #24: The Quadrants of Life

Math+Life #23: #FlattenTheCurve!

Our panic is bubbling, Slower but erupting, The bubbles will rise towards the sun, Stretching tall and lean, Exponentially swirling into the sun, No vision of the light, Just watching cotton candy clouds stick, Till breath goes away, And pops at the climax, Popping bubbles and dark times.   Pop, One hundred thousand more cases, … Continue reading Math+Life #23: #FlattenTheCurve!

Math+Life #22: Numbers of Fear and Hope

Cases = 276,462  Critical = 7,433  These numbers will make our hearts prickle in fear, like fire sourly crackling at our hope. We will use the stinging lens of numbers to see the world. Make our eyes water, blunt crystals falling down our face. Each digit is just a number. 0 1 2 3 4 … Continue reading Math+Life #22: Numbers of Fear and Hope

Math+Life #20: Graphing Success?

It’s like an endless loop, Constantly more and more and more, Hours increasing, Hope elevating,  Work rising, 1 2 3 4 5.   Yet, The output stays somewhat similar, Extending till the end, Our dreams, Crafted ever so mathematically, Because we know, No matter how much we put in, 1 2 3 4 5, No … Continue reading Math+Life #20: Graphing Success?

Math+Life #19: One and Done!

  Sickly branches claw the way till sunset, Dangling icicles clinking along, Every fluttering ballerina that enters our mind, Invoking thought, Entices another violent trunk to grow, Everytime we sit and think, Our actions force themselves out, Our actions brush past out hearts, Our actions forget the point, Our actions follow our thoughts, Line after … Continue reading Math+Life #19: One and Done!

Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence

Who were we before? Before we became us, Before they called us, By our names.   We were their children, Pam’s daughter, John’s son, Our parents' kids, They defined us for who we are, They shaped who we have become, Their small characteristics and teachings, Slowly accumulate, Piles and piles after piles, And become a … Continue reading Math+Life #18: (In)Dependence