Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Reach for the stars, They say, I don’t know how far the stars are, You don’t know where the stars stop, Where do I stop, Why can’t everything just be accurate, Once in for all?   The world doesn’t make sense. Love is not an equation, Friendship is not a formula, Success cannot be calculated, … Continue reading Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line

Move forward, Don’t look back, Forget your past, It doesn’t matter, Move on, Move to the next one, Move forward, Never ever look back again, They whisper.   I keep my feet glued to the ground, Resisting myself from looking back, Move forward they always say, Forget the tiny details from before, they say, They … Continue reading Math+Life #8: Life on a Number Line