Math+Life #27: An Unprovable Truth

If you chase the line of logic, will it ever come to an end?

Some may say of course: everything can be proven using science

Rationality can nail all the loose ends and assumptions in life,

Let’s just use what we know, the knowledge in our circle, and we have to eventually figure it out.

Think about it once again,

All the laws in our world- gravity, energy, friction – were discovered through the reasoning and science we embrace within our realm of reality,

However, these strings of theories and facts all connect back to one crucial assumption:

That our universe obeys fixed, discoverable laws.

It is impossible to draw a complete circle around a theorem and say it is true without external and unprovable assumptions. 

There is no proof that gravity will always exist. 

You can only prove that it is only constantly true every time.

You cannot prove that the universe is rational. 

You can only prove that mathematical formulas describe what the universe does. 

There are often answers to these questions outside the circle of science and logic.

Assumptions are always going to be there.

Maybe even our lives, it is evident that not everything has to make complete sense,

It is not always possible to find an answer to the exact reason why we do things,

In fact, we are human. In this world, we are not designed in the realm of logicality,

Sometimes the answer itself lies outside the circle of our own interpretations,

Perhaps we do things based on our morals and beliefs, and not on the basis of science,

No one can prove our morals right using a theorem, as they are automatically true for us,

To judge one for the actions they take based on our personal bubble of logic is intangible because there is always more outside our circles.

If we continue to follow this line for everything in life,

We may be running an incomplete marathon forever


Math connect

Kurt Godel was a mathematician who developed a theory called Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem, extending far beyond math.  It states that “anything you can draw a circle around cannot explain itself without referring to something outside the circle – something you have to assume but cannot prove.” In other words, all logical systems must rely on something outside the system that we cannot prove. For example, our scientific discoveries of the universe are based on the assumption that the universe obeys fixed and discoverable laws. In this poem, I extended this concept to life in general. Sometimes, we believe that reasoning and logic always has to justify actions. We use our circle of knowledge as an objective lens to judge others actions. However, in reality, one’s reason for believing or doing something does not always have to be a proven theory because in the end we are all human. Emotions and philosophy are a critical part of us, and it is all right to accept that these elements play a role in defining us. 

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