Math+Life #24: The Quadrants of Life

Note: Read from quadrant one to quadrant four counterclockwise (start from the top right and go counterclockwise to the right bottom).

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Math connect:


On a graph, when a circle is divided by two perpendicular lines, it is divided into four sections or quadrants. Quadrant one is in the top right, where both values of x and y are positive. Quadrant two is in the top left, where the x value is negative and y value is positive. The quadrants are read counterclockwise, starting from Quadrant 1. It is often used for trigonometry as well, where rotations are measured in radians using pi. In this poem, I connected the quadrants to our values of happiness and success. The x value represents our success, as it is what pushes us forward. The y value is our happiness, since it “elevates” us. At different times in our lives, one of those values can outshine the other. The counterclockwise continuous nature of the quadrants indicate how tt is a journey to find the balance between both.


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