Math+Life #20: Graphing Success?

It’s like an endless loop,

Constantly more and more and more,

Hours increasing,

Hope elevating, 

Work rising,

1 2 3 4 5.



The output stays somewhat similar,

Extending till the end,

Our dreams,

Crafted ever so mathematically,

Because we know,

No matter how much we put in,

1 2 3 4 5,

No matter how much we change the effort we put in,

The output is derived from the same function,

Our future is developed from the basic procedure,

The basic procedure the others followed,

The value of x,

The value we put in,

Hardly altering a thing,

All because we strive to be able to guarantee our future will be real,

No errors,

No imaginary boundaries,

You can see it all,

All in one square frame,

On the ‘calculator of success‘.


Some say,

The output is determined purely by what we put in,

Our hopeful success depends on it,

But does it really?

Should we constantly keep feeding ourselves,

Building ourselves with knowledge,

Increasing the value of x,

With hopes to get a fulfilling result?

A well rounded y range?

Should we really spend time focusing on what we take in,

When we should really be changing-

The function,

The algorithm,

The conformity of procedures,

And shaping the range for ourselves,

Or should we just depend on our input and domain to determine the rest,

It’s all unclear at this point.


And some,

More simple would say,

We own our graphs,

We don’t need boundaries or restrictions,

We don’t need to measure our inputs or outputs,

We simply draw it ourselves,

You’ll get used to it.



Math Connect:

In this poem, I used the concept of domain and range. Domain is the set of all possible x-values which will make the function “work”, and will output real y-values. Range is the resulting y-values we get after substituting all the possible x-values.

I talked about how our input affects our output, like x affecting our y range or success. I additionally mentioned how the function or algorithm is what contributes to the output or y value, not the majority being the input. In life, we should be able to craft our own algorithm without having to worry about inputs and outputs, yet everyone has a different interpretation of ‘What is success and how o achieve it’.



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