Math+Life #16: Far From Equal

We hear them all write,


We hear them all dismiss,




A word that makes our hearts jump,


A word that makes us seem good,


A word we are all proud to say.


Greater than,

A bitter but honest word,

Less than,

A horrible but common word.


It’s agreeable,

Equal is the word we strive to describe our society with,

Equal is the way we all want to think.




It still seems unfair,

Thousands were saved,

Few were left behind,


We call it,

More have it,

Less don’t,


We call it,

The fact that we’re trying to improve,

Makes it all equal,

It magically gives us the right,

To talk about how we are equal.


Guess what…


The pain of the few who we do not help,

Is greater than the happiness,

Of the ones we do,

The glowing smiles of the rich,

Is less than the slipping tears,

Of the poor.




Pain is always more than happiness,

We are not equal,

Never will be,

The least we can do,

Is not fake it.


Math Connect

In math there are different ways to write things rather than equal signs, meaning that two things are the same. < means greater than and > means less than. In this poem I talked about how we are always talking about being equal because it feels good and we’re trying, yet we are far from it.



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