Math+Life #15: Simplify your life?

If the wind goes right,

Go right,

If the wind goes left,

Go left,

If the wind goes up,

Go up,

If the wind goes back,

Go back,

The wind,

Is everyone else,

The wind,

Is you,

Just go with the wind,

Go with the people,

Conform with nature,

It’s okay,

To want to be them.


It’s okay,

To walk into a room,

And see,

A hundred copies of you,

All dressed in white,

Looking all the same,

To you,

This is all just a simple game.


Simple simple simple,

Don’t make yourself improper,

Simple simple simple,

Make yourself dumber,

Simple simple simple,

Simplify your life,

You’re all the same,

Simple and the same.


Simple is easy,

For others to see,

For others to understand,

Understand which,

Mangeable group,

You fit into,

Make yourself easy,

Because complications,

Have no place in this world,

Just go with the wind,

Forget the sun,

You’re all the same,

Flying right,

Flying left,

Above the clouds,

And down again.


Some will say basic,

Some will say needy,

But it’s for the better,

Follow them,

Be them,

Stay with your head,

Stuck in the clouds,

It’s not my fault,

If you come crashing down,

All the way down,

Till you hit your head,

And everyone else breaks,

Because simple stays together,

They live together,

And slowly fall,

Bit by bit,

And wear out,

Together on the ground,

They close their eyes,

And side by side,

They die,




Math connect:

Simplifying fractions is something people do so math can be easier for them. For example 3/12 can be simplified to ¼. I related this to real life because sometimes we conform with others because it seems easier for people to understand us. I don’t think that’s a good thing but in our world we like things easier and we end up simplifying and making ourselves more basic to fit in.  



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