Math+Life #14: Infinity=0

Sometimes we forget how small we are,

Sometimes we forget how big the universe is,

Sometimes we forget how long forever is,

Sometimes we forget how far it is,

Sometimes we just forget,

We forget where the stars end,

We forget that Earth is small,

We forget that infinity exists,

Cause it’s just a word,



It starts with your heart,

You heart beating gently,

Your thoughts and hopes,

Your dreams and passions,

All start with one heart,

That’s 1.


Then we go to you,

Your body,

Your health,

Your physique,

That’s 2.


Then we go to your surroundings,

Your friends and family,

Your teachers and cousins,

Your math and science homework,

Everything around you,

That’s 3.


Then it moves to your city,

Even the parts you never see,

The poor and the dead,

The thieves and crimes,

The raping and more,

That’s number 4.


As we go on, we get to Earth,

The thousands of cities,

With thousands of people,

Who get robbed and die,

Who do their math homework and laugh,

We’re all the way on number 10.


The solar system,

The planets,

The clusters,

The universes,

The thousands of universes,

Like little grains in sand,

The stars extending far beyond,

With cities and life,

Different from us,

There is more out there,

There is a heart on the other side of the universe,

Pounding like yours,

And that’s what infinity is,

It’s more than just 1, 2 and 3.

There is always more,

After all,

0 is equal to infinity.

0 is forever.


Math Connect:

In math, infinity is the idea of something that has no end. It is endless and it does not grow or shrink. It’s not often used in everyday situations but it is still a concept that can be useful when it comes to dealing with intervals, functions or lines on a graph extending forever. There are also different types of infinity but that can get a bit confusing.

I said the world is infinity in my poem because we often just focus on ourselves and our own problems just like in math we focus on numbers through 1-100 and things like that. But in real life and in math there is much more and it keeps going on and on. I expand on how big the world is and how far we are in our poem by writing about different things that happen in our world.

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