Math+Life #13: Approximately Precise

Reach for the stars,

They say,

I don’t know how far the stars are,

You don’t know where the stars stop,

Where do I stop,

Why can’t everything just be accurate,

Once in for all?


The world doesn’t make sense.

Love is not an equation,

Friendship is not a formula,

Success cannot be calculated,

Happiness is not derived from a number,

Hope is not exact,

Everything is an estimation,

Sometimes they aren’t close at all,

Nothing is logical in this world,

That’s why I like MATH.


When I see the perfect numbers,

Adding up,

It makes me feel in control.

When the teacher says,

There is one correct answer,

I smile.

It makes me feel,

Like I’m moving to a specific goal.

When all I see are numbers,

No words,

It makes me forget how complicated everything is.

There is no estimation,

Just me and the numbers,

And all equations have one answer.


At least that’s what I thought,

Before someone told me,

That estimation is used in math.

Round to the floor,

Round to the ceiling,

Round to the stars.

It made me shudder.

Estimation is NEVER good,

I don’t want my answer to be,

“Approximately this much”

For anything,

Let alone an equation.

And to make things worse,

They had to add infinity,

And imaginary numbers,

They made it abstract,

And out of my reach.

Right when I thought math,

Was the only thing in the world,

That made sense,

They brought ‘estimation’ to math.


And now,

I have nothing.

Nothing is accurate.

Not math,

Not the world,


Not even me.

Why couldn’t we have kept things,

Just simple,

And accurate.


Reach for the stars,

I will.

As soon as you tell me,

How far are the stars.


Math connect

Estimation is when you try to find something close to the correct answer in math. When making an estimation, the goal is to generate a range of possible outcomes that is precise enough to be useful, but not so precise that it can be inaccurate. There is also something called interval estimation, where the margin is much greater but too broad to be useful. In statistics, an estimator is the formal name for the rule by which an estimate is calculated from the data. Another type of estimation is forecasting and predictions. Estimation is also useful in business, economics, and project planning.

Just like in math we estimate, a lot of things we hope to achieve and our goals in life are usually estimations. My poem basically shows how not being completely clear about my goals in life makes me confused and uncomfortable.






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