Math+Life #12: Prime Power

People say,

That my supporters make me who I am,

That they add up to my success,

That they are the reason,

That I am standing here tonight,

In front of all my followers and more.

A piano humming along with the agreement,

Of how much power I have,

Glasses toasting my success,

Clinking amongst the chattering crowd,

The color of the roses in my hand.

I clear my throat as I prepare to make my speech,

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for everyone in this room.”

“I never believed that I could get this far.”

“But you all made me believe in myself,”

“And I’m grateful for that.”

“I have power because of everyone here.”

“The more you support me, the more I will move forward.”

“Thank you.”

Everyone cheers and starts to talk again.


Next a young girl walks up to the stage,

She looked alone,

She had no one with her,

I rolled my eyes,

This was going to be useless,

But then I looked into her eyes,

Her eyes were bold,

They were sharp and determined,

The girl took a deep breath.


“I have no family or friends,

That’s right,

I’m alone,

No one came here with me tonight,

You might think I’m weak,

And have no power,

Because you people believe,

That power comes from support,

It comes from agreement and help,

Because no one will succeed on their own.

But true power comes from yourselves,

If you never believe in yourself,

How would you have done anything,

Without these people’s validation.

We need to believe in ourselves,

Not always seek help,

I might seem lonely and sad tonight,

But I want you all to know that I believe in myself,

My secret weapon is me,

I add up to myself,

And that does not mean that I don’t care about anyone else,

It just means I believe in ‘I’.

Thank you.”

Everyone clapped. Including me.


Math connect

Numbers can be either prime or composite. A prime number is a number that only has two factors which are itself and one. A composite number has factors in addition to one and itself.  For example 6 would be composite as its factors are 1,2,3, and 6. However, 5 would be a prime number because its only factors are 1 and itself.

In this poem, I connected the concept of prime numbers to believing in ourselves.  Composite numbers have multiple factors like people who have a lot of followers and supporters. We might think of them as strong and having a lot of power. But if they do not believe in themselves then they do not have power. Prime numbers only have two factors just like people who might not have a lot of supporters and we might think of them as lonely or weak. However, those people ‘primarily’ believe in themselves and THAT is true power.

Self Belief

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