Math+Life #9: Unchangeable

He has,

Ten fingers,

Ten toes,

Two ears,

Two eyes,

One heart,

One spirit,

One personality.


He stands at the edge of a hill,

Breathing the salty air in,

His feet tip over the edge,

And he keeps his eyes closed,

He falls.


He zooms along the waterfall,

The waterfall spraying mist everywhere,

He crashes against the sharp rocks below,

Water bubbling with curiosity,

A river takes him along,

Water waving over the rocks,


He is soaring in the air,

Then again falling,

This time into a forest,

Lush green vines tumbling from the black bark,

Choking and possessing him,

They finally let go,

And throw him back to the hill,

Where he once stood.


He got up,

Covered in water, blood, leaves and mud,

He finds a pond at his feet,

He looks at himself.


He has ten fingers,

Ten toes,

Two ears,

Two eyes,

One heart,

One spirit,

One personality.


He smiled.

THEY didn’t touch him one bit.

Math connect

In math, Transformation is a term for specific ways to move or transform (turn, flip, slide) a geometric shape.  Some of the ways are –

  • Reflection- reflect a point, line or shape over the y or x axis
  • Translation-  move a shape a number of units left or right, and up or down
  • Rotation -rotate a shape around a certain point

The first image is called the preimage and the final state of the shape or line is an image under transformation.

In this poem, I used this concept of transformations to show how no matter what the outside or external influences there are in life, you can still be yourself. The boy in the poem, even after going through all the turmoil still found himself to be the same at the end.



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