Math+Life #7: Destiny Meets Chance

The walls swallowed the sorrow of the room,

The air was still,

Stubborn you could say,

To let the prisoner out.

There was a cloaked figure,

All black and dull,

Standing against the wall,

Begging to be let out.

Her name was Destiny,

She held back her tears and pushed the wall over and over again,

But the wall didn’t budge.


Finally the room felt sorry for her,

I’ll give you one chance,

It whispered.

Destiny opened her eyes and saw a tiny coin on the floor,

She kneeled down and touched the coin,

Flip it and tell me what you see on the other side, the room whispered,

And I will set you free.

Destiny tried to pick up the coin from the slippery floor,

The coin would slide around but never lift,

She would never see what was on the other side of that coin,

Her eyes stung as her tiny fingers attempted to pick the small coin,

It wouldn’t relent.



Another figure entered.

It was a colorful man who was hopping,

His name was Chance.

He smiled at Destiny,

He kneeled down and touched the coin,

Easily picking the coin up and showing the other side to Destiny.

She looked up hopefully,

But Destiny saw no difference,

She shook her head in disbelief.

And then Chance got up,

He looked disappointed,

But somehow found a door and walked out,

Leaving the coin rattling on the floor.


Destiny sat in the corner of the room,

Tears streaming down her face,

As she watched the rusty small coin,

Which was always the same for her,

Slowly fade away.

She was locked in for the rest of her life.


Math connect

This poem relates to the topic of probability in math. The probability of an event occuring depends on the number of possible outcomes. In this case, for Destiny the probability of an outcome occurring is 1 because in life, destiny is restricted and only has one outcome. This is unlike chance where the number of outcomes is more because there are multiple possibilities. For example, in a coin there would be two outcomes, and therefore the probability of each event would be 1/2.

Rusty bulgarian lev from 1941


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