Math+Life #5: Venn Gray Is A Miracle

Black is for black,

And white is for white,

But gray is for miracles,

It’s your choice.


Do you want to pick crayons,

And separate them?

As two different circles,

Two different hearts,

Two different worlds.


Or would you like to pick the watercolors?

Where water is all you need,

To combine both worlds,

Where you can make black and white vanish,

With a single stroke of a paintbrush,

And leave a single gray mark,

Combining the two circles,

Combining the two hearts,

Combining the two worlds.


Crayons are clean and strict,

They have rules,

Black is for black,

And white is for white.


But there are watercolors,

That are messy but pretty,

Where there’s no such thing as black and white,

Just gray miracles.


So stop and think,

How great it would be,

To combine two hearts,

To combine two worlds,

With a single brushstroke.


Math Connect

A venn digram is a diagram representing a mathematical or logical set of common elements. This is usually shown by the intersection of circles. In this poem I have explored the concept of racial divides using venn diagrams as inspiration.


3 thoughts on “Math+Life #5: Venn Gray Is A Miracle

  1. Very interesting connection between theory and real life! Can’t wait to read where your thinking and writing will go next.


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