Math+Life #4: Absolute Value


The police is here,

Their sirens wailing,

As loud as a woman’s shriek.


They throw barriers around you,

Closing you in a tiny room.

You run your hands along the wall,

And cry to be let out.


You know you are a criminal,

You know what you did was wrong,

You know you make the world more complicated,

But you don’t want them to change you.


The police walk in and grab you,

Torture you,

And as they would say,

“Fix you”.


You stumble out of the room,

Your head spinning,

People think you’re somehow better,

You look somehow better,

They smile at you when you walk by,

And you feel your heart beating.


You shiver,

They have changed you.

But maybe you needed that torture,

That change as they would say,

To fix you.


Everyone needs a second chance,

To prove their real value,

And make them learn,

And see the world,

As someone positive,

For once.


Math Connect

Absolute Value in Math is the magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign. In life too, every person  has a certain value (positive or negative) that can be seen as or changed to its absolute value, sometimes requiring a little help.


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