Math+Life #3: A Walking Dot

You start as a dot,

You stay as a dot,

You don’t move,

But then you get bored.


You start to take a walk,

Leaving a line behind you.

Then stopping,

And walking back to your house.


Next time, you run.

You run further than you walked last time.

You keep running,

Then you stop,

And run all the way back home.


The next day, you walk again.

In a straight line,

You go in circles,

Forming a curve, not a line, as you go.

You jump from rocks,

Making bumps in the perfect curve,

You swing back and forth,

Making a zig zag in the perfect rhythm of bumps,

You go for a swim,

Making mountains in the zig zags.


Finally, you reach home, sit down and think.

How you were a dot before,

But with a bit of adventure you became a dot, a line, a curve, a bump, a zig zag, a mountain.

Your life starts with a dot,

But never stays one.


3 thoughts on “Math+Life #3: A Walking Dot

  1. You’ve been made a deeply profound connection JK Euler. Wonderful! I am a mom of an eighth grader and we have been working on slopes. So I’m thinking after reading your poem – we are born a dot, but then it’s up to us whether we become a positive or negative sloping line, stay at zero slope, or have an infinite slope! Look forward to reading more of your mullings…

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    1. Thank you so much! I like your idea of the slope concept, it has a strong connection to life as you said. I can try to include that in some of my further posts. I hope you enjoy the rest of what I post!


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