Math+Life #1: A Point In Life

You’re walking,

You see that point,

You know if you’ll take one more step forward,

Your life will break apart,

And not remain whole,

Like it was before,

Like people want.


Keep it simple,

They whisper,

Don’t cross the line.

They say,

If you do,

Your life will trail on,

It will never become perfect and whole as it once was before,

So just stop,

They scream.


They talk so loud that I take a step back from the point,

But then the people’s voices fade

And my heart starts to speak,

Your heart is not an equation,

You can’t solve it,

Your feelings are not a set value,

You can’t divide it,

Your life is not a number,

You can change it.


I take a step forward,

And cross that point,

People who like it simple,

Can round it up if they want,

But I don’t like it that way,

I’ll just trail on.



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